Internet Connected Heating Controls

I’m sure that, had I posted this 20 years ago I would have been classed as a geek, an idiot or perhaps a bit of a visionary.
There can be no doubt that the internet has completely changed the habits of the world. No longer do you have to go to the supermarket for your weekly shop, or the local takeaway for a curry. Furniture and appliances can be purchased from the comfort of your own armchair, your car, or indeed from anywhere that has some form of internet access with the use of an app running on your smart phone or tablet, in fact the use of mobile internet is so huge now that the major search engines are now advising all website owners to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly.
The latest innovation is internet connected heating controls. You can now connect to your home heating system via an app to have your home warm and comfortable when you step through the door. A great example of these controls are the Drayton MiGenie range of internet connected programmers. By installing one of these devices you no longer have to come home to a cold house or spend hours fiddling with timer settings that may or may not work. The system uses a room thermostat, a programmer connected to your boiler, and an internet gateway that plugs into your router. Installation is straightforward and once you have installed the app on your phone or tablet, you have the ability to control your heating from just about anywhere that has an internet connection.
The big question ? is this just the tip of the iceberg ?
How long will it be before you can come home from a hard day at work to find that the casserole is ready to serve, your favourite coffee has just been poured from the machine, TV on your favourite channel and your bath has been filled with just the right amount of water at the correct temperature, all controlled from your phone ?
Technology is racing ahead and I can foresee a future where you can pick the colour of your home decor on a daily basis or have your favourite movie showing on your front wall, your windows would show a hot summers day outside when it’s actually snowing.
Pie in the sky ? possibly but go back 20 years and tell someone that you can pick up your smartphone and make a video call to anyone in the world for free. the reactions would be similar

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