Make Your Bathroom Your Own

Once upon a time a bathroom was just….. well a bathroom. No one paid it a lot of attention, it was functional and that’s about it.

Nowadays the bathroom is acknowledged by property experts as one of the main factors, along with the kitchen in selling a property, and little wonder with the vast array of taps baths showers and towel rails now available. It really is so easy to customise your bathroom to look just like you want it .

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These images were taken in our showroom and amply demonstrate how a space can be filled to dramatic effect, even that small cubbyhole under the stairs

photo 20150727_162711 20150727_162646

Baths come in a massive assortment of materials, shapes, and sizes. I upgraded my own bathroom recently and we chose a natural stone bath a walk in shower enclosure and the magnificent Vado Velo shower

We added a freestanding bath shower mixer from Hudson Reed over the bath and synchronised the look with a basin mixer from the same range. Twin heated towel rails at either end of the room and a comfort height loo complete the vision that we had for our own perfect bathroom

We think our bathroom is now stunningly unique and it draws admiring comments from all who see  it, and with the vast choice of taps, showers, towel rails and furniture now available, anyone can create their own perfect bathroom

The only limits are imposed by your own imagination so let your thoughts fly and create the bathroom of your dreams