Planning Your Bathroom The Right Way

So, you want a new bathroom. You’ve trawled the internet and you’ve seen some fantastic products. Dont jump in and buy yet, now is the time to plan your new bathroom. Get out the tape measure and a piece of graph paper. Draw the shape of the room on the paper and add the measurements. Plan where you want to put the bath, shower, etc, decide what kind of bath and / or shower you want and draw it on your plan making a note of sizes, do the same with the toilet, bidet, washbasin, and any furniture. Perhaps you would like to fit a heated towel rail or radiator, if so include these on your plan and, when complete, show the plan to your plumber for his advice.>>>ALWAYS REMEMBER – MEASURE TWICE – FIT ONCE.<<<
Now the fun begins, select the items you want for your bathroom, Take into account the sizes, whether you want an electric or mixer shower and the plumbing situations for that and the bath, basin, and taps. Find out what your water pressure is, there is no point in trying to fit a high pressure shower or tap to a low pressure system. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a combi boiler or pressurised tank you have a high pressure system, anything else should be considered as low pressure.
When you are sure that your preferred items meet the requirements for location and plumbing it’s time to buy. Make sure that you have the items delivered before you book a plumber, I get worried phone calls every week from people wanting advice on delivery as they have already booked a plumber. In Stock Bathrooms helps to take this worry away with our fast delivery service.
When the big day arrives and your new bathroom has been installed, you can look forward to years of luxury bathing, with the minimum of hassle.

This is a general guide and the author accepts no responibility for any loss or damages arising from any information contained in the article