Showering vs Bathing

Showering vs Bathing
The bathroom designs of the UK are an insight into the psyche of the nation. Our Bathroom Suites define us to an extent, everything from the arrangement of our bathroom cabinets to the placement and type of tap. What does your bathroom suite say about you?
When it comes to issues that really divide people, forget The Beatles vs Elvis, Labour vs Conservative or Rocky Road vs Mint Choc Chip – The real issue is Shower vs Bath.
If you are thinking of changing what your bathroom says about you, you would do well to know for sure which of the following you are.
The Bather
Seen as the hedonist of the washed peoples of the UK, The Bather values their luxury and relaxation time. Bathing isn’t a chore, it’s a treat. Something to savour and enjoy, a haven of tranquillity away from the hectic world.
Bathers often plan their ablutions for the evening time to take advantage of the bath’s power to unwind the human soul and soften tight muscles. Bathing in the evening time also lends itself to gentle music and perhaps a glass of wine.
When visiting friends or family you can always tell if you are in the house of a Bather. The atmosphere of their bathroom suite will be calm, the colour scheme neutral perhaps featuring natural stone or slate, and the bath will be prominent with obvious regular use. There might be a shower there as well but, for Bathers, it is all about the bath.
Large, free-standing roll-topped baths or an integrated television placed for optimal viewing are both tell-tale signs. The television is such a big hint that many Bathers opt for the nifty ones that are mirrors when switched off – just to keep would-be bathroom detectives on their toes. Only someone serious about bathing would invest in one of these.
Pulsing jets built into the side of the bath, a ledge or well-placed table big enough for a wine glass and strategically placed taps are all clues to the existence of a Bather in the household.
The Showerer
Showerers are a different breed. Sitting in warm water for the purpose of cleaning oneself or relaxing is frankly alien. This is not to say that the Showerer doesn’t know how to relax, they just don’t combine it with washing. They prefer the blood-pumping energy bestowed by the jets of a proper shower enclosure. The wake-up jolt that kick starts the day and the satisfying post workout power-cleanse are highly prized.
Generally more of a morning type, Showerers are busy people and have little concern for the placement of bath taps, or indeed what sort of bath it is. Showerers clearly have no use whatsoever for visual entertainment in the bathroom so features of that type would generally not be present. To the Showerer, the bath is a functional necessity to wash the kids, or the dog, or for guests to use if any those Bather types should come and stay.
Make no mistake however, Showerers are not barbarians when it comes to the bathroom suite. Great care is taken around layout and functionality. They have bathroom ideas akin to Feng Shui, where bathroom cabinets are placed properly and efficiently and thought has clearly been given to the location of the heated towel rail. Above all Showerers are concerned with the technology, space and utility of their beloved shower.
Shower enclosures fitted out with a multi-nozzle power shower is a sure sign that you are in the home of a Showerer. Or a fully-tiled shower enclosure with high-spec fittings and a top-of-the-range shower screen are also a good clues.
How to design the right Bathroom Suite
Be you a Bather or a Showerer, you should always design your space around the way you use your bathroom.
If you’re a bather, why settle for a pokey, old and uncomfortable bath that you can’t wait to get out of? Consider what makes you a Bather and build upon that. So opt for the integrated entertainment system and built in spa jets. Say yes to the purpose built cabinet containing a bottle of wine and a glass set in reach of your reclined position. Why not?
And if you’re a Showerer, why put up with huddling under a luke-warm dribble when you could be invigorated and energised standing under powerful jets of hot water, surrounded by stone tiles and shower screens that keep the water from splashing where you don’t want it to.
There is a Bathroom Suite for everyone. Find yours today.

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