Types of Shower


There are four types of shower, Electric, Mixer, Power, and Bath Shower Mixer.

The Electric Shower is the classic go anywhere shower, all you need is a space with a cold water supply and electricity supply. It is important that an electric shower has it’s own circuit breaker in the fuse box. Power showers are electric showers that have a built in pump to increase the flow rate at the shower head.

The Mixer Shower needs a hot and cold water supply, they don’t usually need electricity, the exception beong the Digital Mixer Showers.

Some mixer showers feature thermostatic control. With these showers there is a thermostatic element that is pre programmed with a safety cutout (usually at 38 degrees C) This is a vital factor in avoiding the risk of scalding – Vital where there are children or elderly people in the home.

Mixer showers come in 4 styles.

The exposed valve [EV] , with this option the shower valve is mounted directly onto the wall.

The Built In Valve [BIV] with this option the valve is built into the wall and only the controls are exposed.

The Built In Riser [BIR] with this option the shower head is fitted directly to the wall, there is no riser rail.

The Bath Shower Mixer this option is ideal for small spaces, the shower mixer replaces the standard bath taps and a lever switches the water supply between the tap and the shower head, which can be used as a hand spray or can be fixed to a wall bracket. They are available in traditional or thermostatic options.

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Happy Showering

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